Weight Loss Services

Located in Boerne and serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas, Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers weight loss services to her patients.

With adolescent and adult obesity on the rise, companies are putting out more and more diet products that promise to deliver quick results with little to no change in your lifestyle. The truth is that these products give you only short-term results. Before you know it, you regain the weight or you are so miserable and tired that losing weight just doesn’t feel good or fun.

How Can Dr. McRae Help Me with Weight Loss?

As a physician, Dr. McRae understands how your body works and also understands the physiological and psychological pitfalls of over-the-counter weight loss solutions. While she cannot promise you rapid weight loss, she does offer guidance to help you make lifestyle changes that lead to real results that keep you happy and healthy.

How Are Weight Loss Services at McRae MD Medical Laser Center Different Than Other Programs?

Dr. McRae manages each patient’s weight loss and recognizes when you need the additional support of a registered dietician, nurse, or other professional. She is also able to take into consideration any medical conditions that may affect your ability to lose weight or change your lifestyle. When you consider these factors, Dr. McRae is more than just a weight loss advocate – she is your partner in improving your quality of life.

What Results Will I See from Weight Loss Services at McRae MD Medical Laser Center?

Our weight loss services will not give you instant results, but you will have life-long results. You not only lose weight, but also learn how to live healthier and take control of your quality of life under the professional guidance of Dr. McRae.

At McRae MD Medical Laser Center, we offer the following weight loss services:

Patient Reviews

“I highly recommend going to see Shannon! I had my second appointment with her today. I greatly appreciated that she made recommendations based on my needs. I will definitely be returning for services in the future!”

Bailey F.

How Much Do Weight Loss Services Cost in San Antonio, TX?

Our weight loss services are customized to each patient’s needs. We do not offer “one size fits all” solutions to any part of your health and well-being. After your consultation with Dr. McRae, we are happy to discuss the cost of your weight loss services.

Turn to McRae MD Medical Laser Center for Weight Loss Services

McRae MD Medical Laser Center is a leading medical spa specializing in non-surgical treatments to restore and rejuvenate your skin. Our services improve the overall health of your skin to prolong the youthful and beautiful appearance that makes you feel attractive and confident. Dr. Elizabeth McRae has served her patients for over 20 years, and under her leadership, McRae MD Medical Laser Center is now widely recognized for improving the well-being and quality of life for every patient. To find out which weight loss services are right for you, call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. McRae.