Skin Rejuvenation in Texas

Wrinkling is a common sign of aging, and many people want to reduce the appearance of expression lines that frequently occur as people age. Freckles, dark spots, and other pigmentation problems can occur with excess exposure to sunlight. Scarring is also a common problem among those with acne, rosacea, and other skin problems. The prevalence of blood vessels appearing near the surface of the skin can create a constant reddish appearance. Changes in firmness and skin tone can also affect one’s appearance. Skin rejuvenation is a resurfacing technique that improves the skin’s appearance.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin resurfacing can resolve many of these skin problems. Laser-assisted procedures reduce scarring and wrinkling. Blemishes can be minimized and firmness restored with skin rejuvenation procedures. Varying intensity levels can target the most delicate areas of skin to produce maximum results. Most laser treatments can be used for practically any skin type.

How Is Skin Rejuvenation Performed?

During a 45-minute procedure, beams of light are used to target damaged areas of the skin with precision. The pulsating beams are used to directly target the imperfections while removing damaged skin one layer at a time. The outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is removed first. The residual heat from the laser can stimulate the growth of newer collagen fibers, which produces new skin. When performed by an experienced dermatologist, there will be fewer issues with hypopigmentation and skin discoloration.

What Happens After the Procedure Is Performed?

During the initial 24 hours, the area will have to be protected by bandages. An ointment will be applied to the skin to reduce chances of scabs developing. Some patients report minor swelling after the procedure. Steroids may be prescribed to control swelling.

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