Test Review

March 7, 2018

Test Review

Test Review



I love the Bellafill.  I got instant results and am so pleased with the way my cheeks and mouth look.  Dr. McRae is an artisan in what she does and that is why I have been a patient of hers for over 6 years.  I’ve tried some of the other Dr.s that are in the same line of work, but I keep coming back to McRae.


I have been struggling with melasma for over 10 years and have tried every product know both very expensive and over the counter with minimal success. Dr. McRae introduced me to a new product, Visao, and the results have been wonderful! I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve the texture and appearance of their skin!


I highly recommend the Ideal Protein plan for weight loss. A friend of mine had tried it with great success. It took a lot of determination to stick to it but along with the delicious food offerings, the main advantage was the education that came along with it. Lyn was there to give me my weekly ideas and the daily e-mailed programs and the recipes were a real incentive to continue. I lost nearly 30 pounds I wanted to and feel much better and love my thinner look. Thanks Ideal Protein!

Debra H.

WOW…..I am an Obagi® believer!!!

I am a 56-year-old woman and former 1970s sun worshipper. I have used many, many products on my face during the years to get rid of the sun damage that I put my skin through as a teenager. No over-the-counter products ever worked at erasing the brown spots on my face.

I have many friends that are patients of Dr. McRae in Boerne and they all suggested that I make an appointment with her. I was skeptical at first but followed my instincts. During my initial appointment, Dr. McRae thoroughly examined my face. She took a computer image of my face showing all the brown spots, wrinkles, etc. (and there were plenty!) Dr. McRae suggested that I start on the Obagi® Skin Care Regime.

I was concerned about the price of the system but thought I would give my chances of having beautiful skin ONE MORE TRY. With determination and dedication to the system, my skin is remarkable better. No more dark spots…very few wrinkles! And this result was confirmed on my second visit to Dr. McRae where she took another computer image of my face.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. McRae and the Obagi® Skin Care Regime. While the products are expensive, it is well worth the money.

Liz B.

Dr. McRae was excellent! I am very satisfied, and will definitely return for any procedures I may need in the future.

Maxine A.

Great experience! I will go back with a friend who also is interested in having a treatment.

Jeff D.

The staff was very nice, and I will in and out in about 30 minutes.

Chad B.

Went to the December 6th spa party and felt great! I enjoyed it, and will come back for more procedures with Dr. McRae.

Susan G.

Aesthetician and office receptionist are very lovely ladies and present a nice atmosphere in the office. I really enjoyed the facial experience and will recommend my family and friends to schedule.

Emily K.

I’ll do whatever Dr. Mcrae recommends and I can afford!