Agnes RF Microneedling

Located in Boerne and serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas, Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers Agnes RF Microneedling treatments to her patients.

What is the Agnes RF procedure?

Agnes RF is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that uses micro-insulated needles to penetrate the skin at specific points, delivering RF energy to reduce unwanted fat and improve skin laxity.

What does the Agnes RF procedure help with?

*   Facial sculpting/Fat melting/Skin tightening
*   Lower facial contouring: Jowls, double chin, jawlines
*   Eye bags/Eye wrinkles/Non-surgical Blepharoplasty
*   Deep wrinkles
*   ACNE “cure” – the destruction of sebaceous glands (96% cure rate)
*   Hyperhidrosis
*   Treats all skin types
*   Proven clinical studies and outcomes

Patient Reviews

“Dr. McRae was very personable and informative. She took the time to explain everything. Her medical assistant Shannon was absolutely amazing! From the time I walked in to the time I walked out her staff was amazing!!! I absolutely would recommend Dr. McRae to everyone!!”

– Sandra W.

How many years does microneedling take off your face?

Sometimes, microneedling results are permanent. However, they don’t always last a lifetime. Sometimes, the results only last for four to six months. We can give you a better idea of how long you can expect your final results to last once we have discussed your cosmetic concerns thoroughly and evaluated them.

How long does it take for Agnes RF to heal?

When AGNES RF is used to treat cystic acne, redness may persist for 1 to 3 days. For recovery from treatment of significant wrinkles and under-eye bags, recovery time may last for up to two weeks.

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