Laser Treatments

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it can be to look and feel younger, increase your self-confidence and enjoy radiant, gorgeous, glowing skin. Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers skin rejuvenating laser treatments to patients in and around the San Antonio, Boerne and neighboring communities in Texas.


What are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments are non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures, using advanced technologies to create healthier skin, while improving the tone and texture of your skin.

Laser skin treatments have become popular as an alternative to invasive surgery for repairing and restoring youthful vitality to your skin. Laser energy can also be used to correct common causes of skin damage and other skin issues.

How Do Laser Treatments Work?

Laser treatment procedures use various attachments to focus the laser, treating and correcting very precise areas with quick, typically painless bursts of energy.

These concentrated beams of light pulsate over the skin, effortlessly removing the thin skin layers one at a time, taking blemishes, wrinkles and scars with them, leaving you with a fresh layer of new, glowing skin.

Other types of laser treatments include treating spider veins and removing tattoos and toenail fungus. At McRae MD Medical Laser Center, we offer the following laser treatments:

Patient Reviews

“There are no amount of words that can EVER begin to describe how PHENOMENAL Dr. McRae is! If you want EXCEPTIONAL  personalized care, this is the place to go. I received a 35 minute one on one evaluation, including a personalized skin care regime as well as coaching practices in place to measure progress and growth. I was blown away by Dr. McRae’s medical knowledge and her professional yet ‘Texan’ friendly demeanor. I will be a patient as long as she’s in practice in Boerne. If you’re looking for honest, no frills, no pressure- this is the place. She will not blindly inject fillers or Botox without a COMPLETE consultation and her own time spent with you. I am forever grateful to have found Dr. McRae!”

– Jen K.

Are Laser Treatments Right for Me?

If you’re a healthy adult with skin issues you’d like to get rid of, chances are you’re probably a good candidate for laser treatments. Dr. McRae will go over all your options and help you decide if laser treatments are right for you.

It will ultimately be up to the doctor, based on your initial consultation, your medical history and your specific aesthetic goals, to determine a treatment plan to give you optimal results.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatments?

Each type of laser treatment has its own unique set of benefits, but in general, some of the most common benefits reported include:

  • Improving skin appearance, tone and texture
  • Removing scars, tattoos and unsightly veins
  • Diminishing signs of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tightening skin
  • Stimulating and improving collagen production
  • Treating hyperpigmentation
  • Reducing the size of large pores

What Do Laser Treatments Cost in San Antonio and Boerne, TX?

The cost of laser treatments typically varies from patient to patient, depending on how many total treatments are necessary, the size and number of areas to be treated, and several other contributing factors you’ll be discussing with Dr. McRae. At the end of your initial consultation, we’ll be happy to talk to about the cost of your specific treatment plan.

McRae MD Medical Laser Center is a state-of-the-art medical spa for non-surgical treatments to restore and rejuvenate your skin. To find out more about laser treatments and how they can benefit you, contact our office  to schedule a consultation with Dr. McRae. For more than 20 years, Dr. McRae has been restoring youthful, beautiful skin to men and women in Boerne, San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas.