Restylane® Refyne

Let us eliminate your laugh lines with Restylane® Refyne. Located in Boerne and serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas, Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers Restylane® Refyne treatments to her patients seeking to smooth out marionette lines or flatten out nasolabial folds.

What is Restylane® Refyne?

We count on our skin’s elasticity to keeping us youthful-looking. But when we age, loss of collagen and the attendant youthfulness-producing properties in our skin can tend to make lines appear in places where you would rather have smooth and lustrous skin. Lines that run from the corner of your mouth either downwards or backwards, can be particularly noticeable and irksome, but you don’t have to look at laugh lines and marionette lines in the mirror anymore, thanks to Restylane® Refyne. You can count on Dr. McRae to smooth away those tiresome signs of aging, with a quick, no downtime procedure utilizing Restylane® Refyne to help you look your best.


Why Choose Restylane® Refyne?

Want to restore your self-confidence while giving a boost to your appearance? Dr. McRae recommends Restylane® Refyne for those patients who want an advanced technologically sophisticated solution that give you all natural looking results.

Who is a Candidate for Restylane® Refyne?

Do you feel tired of looking at your signs of aging in the mirror? You can rejuvenate your self-esteem while smoothing away laugh lines and wrinkles around your mouth with the advanced XpresHAn Technology found in Restylane® Refyne. Set up your consultation with Dr. McRae today, and find out if your laugh lines and marionette lines are the types of facial wrinkles that can be smoothed away immediately with the age-defying properties of Restylane® Refyne.

Patient Reviews

“The staff is kind and very helpful. Lynn’s facials are the BEST!”

– Toni M.

What are the Procedures for Restylane® Refyne?

Are you looking for a solution that delivers mid-to-deep level smoothness to address the issues brought on by the aging process? Correct your moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, with Restylane® Refyne, which can empower you to a more youthful outlook on life with the elimination of these problematic signs of aging. Upon the commencement of your quick lunch-hour length procedure, a topical numbing agent will be applied to minimize any potential discomfort that you might otherwise experience. Then once your comfort has been assured, Restylane® Refyne is injected into the targeted facial wrinkles and folds. In less than 15-20 minutes, your procedure will be complete, and you will be able to return to your routine activities. In the week following your treatment, as the XpresHAn TechnologyTM binds, you will notice the smoothing and satisfying results that only Restylane® Refyne can produce.

How Much Does Restylane® Refyne Cost?

Each patient is different and has different goals in mind, so Restylane® Refyne prices tend to vary. We recommend setting up an initial consultation, during which Dr. McRae or one of our trained technicians can assess your specific needs and discuss average Boerne Restylane® Refyne prices.

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