The pictures are forever, so plan ahead!

Wedding Season, San Antonio, TX

2021- A new phenomenon MOB or MOG?

Starting in January 2021, a new phenomenon hit our practice! We call it the short-timer’s mothers syndrome! Two weeks before the wedding is too short to make a major beauty move for your child’s wedding. Is this phenomenon resulting from rescheduling weddings during COVID? 

Whether it’s your son or daughter getting married, you have a cake, you have a photographer! So why don’t you plan your facial strategy with equal attention to timing? We recommend checking your child’s wedding date and then call McRae MD to consult- 6 to 12 months before the wedding for the best pictures of your life. The pictures last forever, so let us make them fantastic!

By July, I have had 5 of these mothers who gave me 10-14 days to produce amazing results. I dare say they were all happy with their improvements, but please give me just a little more time to show you some real magic!

Happy 2021 Wedding Season! 

– Dr. Elizabeth McRae