Laser Hair Removal in Texas

Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers professional laser hair removal services to Texas patients.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a laser treatment that frees you from shaving your legs, underarms, upper lip, bikini line, or other body parts for a long period of time. After a series of treatments, you can expect to go many months or even years without hair regrowth. You may need occasional maintenance treatments to maintain your results in the coming years.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

We spray intense, pulsated beams of light across the targeted area of skin, allowing the light to overheat individual hair follicles beneath the skin. Pigment contained in the hair follicle absorbs the heat, and damage from that heat prevents the hair from growing back.

The light beams may not hit every hair follicle on a large area of skin and is only effective on those follicles in a growth cycle. This is why more than one treatment is typically needed to ensure the job is completed correctly. In most cases, one laser hair removal session lasts less than an hour, and you can plan to return to your daily life with minimal side effects.

About McRae MD Medical Laser Center

Dr. Elizabeth McRae obtained her board certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1991 and started offering a variety of laser skincare procedures to Texas patients in 2005. She works with an aesthetician, master ultherapist, and licensed vocational nurse to create a relaxing, safe environment for patients visiting the Medical Laser Center.

Internal Medicine Doctor in San Antonio and Boerne, TXIf you have ever visited a spa for a rejuvenating massage or facial, you know what to expect at Dr. McRae’s laser spa. The only difference is that you will receive long-term treatments from highly skilled medical professionals. This is one of the most reputable places to receive laser hair removal in Texas, and we can’t wait to serve you.

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