Spider Vein Treatment in Pipe Creek, TX

Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers laser vein treatments to patients in Pipe Creek, TX. At the McRae MD Medical Laser Center, we work hard to provide the best in skin care procedures, such as laser vein treatments. Alongside Dr. McRae, we have obtained one of the highest ranked groups of skin care specialists serving surrounding Texas areas, including Pipe Creek.

Spider Vein Treatment Before and After Pictures Pipe Creek, TX

What Is Spider Vein Treatment?

Laser vein treatment is a process in which a highly intense laser is used to diminish the appearance of varicose veins and is most often used on the legs.

How Is Spider Vein Treatment Performed?

The heat from the laser causes damage to the vein, thus causing scar tissue to arise. This scar tissue closes the vein and it disappears over time. For light spider veins, or small varicose veins, a simple laser treatment is used. During this treatment, a laser zaps just under the skin’s surface. Larger varicose veins are located deeper within the skin and are treated with an endovenous laser. A light sedative is needed for this treatment. The doctor watches the vein through a duplex ultrasound while zapping it with a laser and creating the damage that will result in the eventual disappearance. Laser treatments have now become one of the safest skin procedures used today.

About McRae MD Medical Laser Center

Internal Medicine Doctor in San Antonio and Boerne, TXOur mission at the McRae MD Medical Laser Center is to provide our patients with the best skin care possible. Dr. Elizabeth McRae hand-picked the group of skilled nurses, physicians, and aestheticians that make up our team today. We serve areas all over Texas as one of the highest ranked facilities in the state. We are proud of our dedication to our patient’s skin health, beauty, and satisfaction.

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