The same treatment that many Hollywood A-listers trust to help their skin glow on the red carpet is available to you in the Texas Hill Country!  It is a laser that quickly became my favorite soon after I discovered it.  And, I found it FIRST for myself!  I then realized it is something others would love as much as me.

The laser is not new.  It began its ground-breaking legacy in surgical medicine back 1964.  So, this technology is well studied and is extremely safe in trained hands. But it took decades to find its place in aesthetic medicine. In Hollywood, there were over 200 of these lasers in 2005, compared to fewer than 5 machines in San Antonio.

My journey to find this go-to laser began as a personal one while an internal medicine physician. In 2004, my dear socialite friend Mary Sue Koonts Nelson of HK Ranch fame gingerly told me that I needed a face lift! I was aghast and nearly wrecked my car driving home as I peered into the rearview mirror wondering what she was talking about? I knew I did not want surgery, so I began to explore my options. I learned that there were laser face lift devices that were effective and safe but fairly new to the medical beauty field. I chose a laser I could use to treat myself.  I then began studying with laser industry pioneers just as lasers were just getting their start in aesthetics and skincare.

The medical device company, Cutera, was very reputable at the time, because they brought in industry experts like Dr. Maretza Perez, who is a medical director from Oil of Olay and trained at Yale Laser Institute in addition to Dr Eliot Battle from Harvard Light Institute to teach locally and nationally.  I was blessed to be on the ground floor during the early days of laser aesthetics.  And, it has been a long-time relationship.  I recently celebrated Cutera’s 25th Anniversary at the Dallas Football Stadium which they rented for a celebration with all their doctors and staff. Lumenis, another company whose machines I use, just celebrated their 50th anniversary of their lasers in medicine. More evidence that these lasers are time tested, safe and effective.

Laser Genesis | The Academy Award Laser

Back to the Academy Award Laser which is called Laser Genesis by Cutera Lasers. In Hollywood, People magazine writes about star’s visits to their doctors 1 week before the Academy for Botox and Laser Genesis. This laser is the most nearly perfect laser for almost everything.

  • It’s painless! In fact, it feels good!
  • It generates your own healing collagen
  • You can go directly back to work after your treatment or to a party that night
    (think academy after party!)
  • It improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • It slowly unencapsulated deep brown pigment to let your own body eliminate it slowly
  • It helps improve rosacea
  • It’s inexpensive in our clinic because we own 3 of the machines!

I spoke and taught for Cutera and was able to acquire the experience, knowledge, and laser devices to make the Laser Genesis the best facial rejuvenation experience for my patients. As an aesthetic medicine expert, I believe a monthly Laser Genesis is the safest and best beauty commitment you can make! Hollywood got a head start on the laser benefits to beauty, but I’m doing my best to bring those secrets to Boerne, Texas! While I have 15 lasers in my clinic- Laser Genesis continues to be my favorite and can be helpful to anyone of any skin color!

Laser Genesis | The Academy Award Laser

I want to get a bit technical right now to properly explain how it works so you can fully appreciate why it is so beneficial.  A Nd:YAG (Neodymium-Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) crystal is used to generate the columnar light beam that goes through the outer skin (epidermis) and is taken up by the circulating red blood cells. The red blood cells are heated to a warm but safe 42° C temperature and stimulates the deeper skin (dermis) to release the collagen making materials. As adults, this process slows to nothing at about 45 years of age and we see the aging process accelerate. Laser Genesis revs up the collagen to create the healing of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, melasma, rosacea, while improving overall skin health. No long-term adverse problems have been found with this laser. The light source and process makes this very organic.

We offer 10 treatment packages that cost less than more invasive, rapid lasers.  This allows my patients to have a long-term plan to maintain and protect their youthful appearance/healthy skin.I am always excited and passionate to share the benefits of laser technology with my patients and colleagues in this area! I hope to continue teaching other physicians in our new expanded office setting. Come see me and we can talk light energy and beauty.

Laser Genesis | The Academy Award Laser