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Clear and Brilliant Fraxel Laser in San Antonio and Boerne, TX

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Located in Boerne and serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas, Dr. Elizabeth McRae offers the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® laser to her patients seeking skin rejuvenation.

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What Is Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser?

Clear & Brilliant uses fractional laser technology to rejuvenate the skin of patients in Boerne and San Antonio, Texas by Dr. McRae and her certified staff members. This technology provides younger patients with an effective and affordable solution that is more powerful than over-the-counter treatments but less aggressive than other laser treatments.

To discuss your skin care goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. McRae and her certified staff members today. At your appointment, Dr. McRae and staff will be able to review the cost of Clear & Brilliant treatments and show you some of the incredible before and after photos of our patients.

How Is Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser Performed?

Dr. McRae  will begin the Clear & Brilliant treatments by assessing your skin and choosing the correct level of treatment necessary. Your eyes will be covered for the treatment as Dr. McRae gently glides the laser against your skin for approximately 30 minutes. Skin becomes refreshed from the inside out as damaged skin is replaced with healthy tissue so skin is clear and bright.

Clear & Brilliant sessions last about 30 minutes and six sessions are recommended for optimal results, but your treatment may take more or fewer sessions depending on your skin. Clear & Brilliant gives patients a chance to combat the aging process early on while keeping skin healthy and glowing.

Am I A Good Candidate for Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser?

Clear & Brilliant is an outstanding laser treatment for patients who are younger, but wish to fight off signs of aging early in life. Patients love that it gives them something to choose besides spa treatments or over-the-counter products and aggressive laser treatments. This can also help patients reverse signs of aging and bring out the brilliance of their skin.

What Kind of Post-Operative Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser Care Can I Expect?

Following your Clear & Brilliant treatment, you may experience slight redness, which should dissipate quickly. Dr. McRae and her certified staff members urge patients to remember that for optimum results, they should live a healthy life by being active, avoiding smoking, and eating healthy foods.

What Are the Typical Results of Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser?

Once treatment sessions are complete, most Clear & Brilliant patients experience brighter skin that appears to have a youthful glow. Many also remark that skin appears clear and smooth, without signs of aging. The appearance of pores is often reduced, and improvement in tone and texture is common. To learn more about Clear & Brilliant and if it’s right for you, contact Dr. McRae to schedule a consultation.

What Are Clear & Brilliant Fraxel® Laser Costs?

Clear & Brilliant prices will vary depending on the number of treatment sessions required to achieve ideal results. To assess the cost of your Clear & Brilliant treatment, contact Dr. McRae and her certified staff members to schedule a consultation.

Keep in mind that the cost of Clear & Brilliant treatment could end up being less than the cost of over-the-counter products and spa treatments. Contact us today if you have any questions about this treatment.



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