AviClear® by Cutera

AviClear® is the first laser acne treatment approved by the FDA. McRae MD Medical Laser Center is proud to offer this innovative solution to help patients treat mild to severe acne. We welcome patients from Boerne, San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas.

What is AviClear®?

AviClear® is a laser device developed by Cutera, a leading provider of medical aesthetic systems. It uses laser technology to target the root cause of acne, which is the bacteria that causes inflammation and breakouts in the skin. The AviClear® device is a non-invasive and virtually painless treatment option that is suitable for all skin types. It can be used to treat a range of acne types, from mild to severe, and can be customized to target specific areas of concern.


How Does AviClear® Work?

The AviClear® device emits a precise wavelength of light that targets the bacteria in the sebaceous glands, the small oil-producing glands in the skin that can become clogged and infected, leading to acne. The laser energy destroys the bacteria while also shrinking the size of the sebaceous glands, reducing the production of oil and preventing future breakouts. As a result, AviClear® can be used to both treat current breakouts and prevent or diminish future breakouts.

What is the AviClear® Treatment Like?

The AviClear® treatment fights acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. Treatment is delivered through non-invasive laser energy using the AviClear® laser system. To perform treatment, we’ll use a handheld device that emits laser energy as it passes over the skin. No anesthetic or pain management techniques are needed during treatment thanks to the AviCool™ contact cooling feature. It keeps patients’ skin cool and comfortable throughout treatment. A single AviClear® treatment takes just 30 minutes to perform.

Patient Reviews

“McRae MD Medical Laser & Spa is the best MedSpa in TX Hill Country. I drive an hour each way to get my services. All of my services & potential results have always been fully explained. From customer service to the wide range of options available, McRae MD Medical Laser & Spa is where you want to go for all of your skin care needs.”

– Irene C.

How Many AviClear® Treatments Will I Need?

The recommended protocol for AviClear® is three treatment sessions, each approximately 30 minutes in length.

What Results Can I Expect from AviClear®?

AviClear® works immediately to reduce the severity of current acne breakouts. In the weeks following treatment, patients can expect a reduction in acne. Additionally, AviClear® helps with future breakouts by making them shorter, less intense and less frequent. For most patients, these results continue to improve over time.

How Much Do AviClear® Treatments Cost?

The cost of AviClear® treatments with our Cutera® laser system will vary depending on the number of treatments needed and the size of the treatment area. After your consultation appointment with Dr. McRae, we are happy to discuss the cost of your AviClear® treatment. We are happy to accept a variety of payment methods and offer financing to make our treatments more affordable for all patients.

If you’re struggling with acne, contact us today to schedule your consultation for AviClear® treatments with Dr. McRae. At McRae MD Medical Laser Center, we are proud to offer the latest treatment solutions to help patients achieve clear, healthy skin. We welcome patients from Boerne, San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas.