Host: Welcome back. You know, as your calendar fills up with soccer practice and PTA meetings, don’t forget to set some time for yourself. We’ve got Dr. Elizabeth McRae here to tell us about a couple procedures that’ll have people say “Girl, you are too young to have kids!”

Dr. McRae: That is true, and you are!

H: I want to be one of them, but I feel like right now you’re going to tell me my fortune doctor.

M: Your fortune, yes.

[Host gasps]

M: I’m sharing with you today one of my fortunes and that is to have discovered Bellafill®, the five-year filler. It’s been a game-changer for my patients, for my practice.

H: Why? What is it?

M: Well, you know for years I’ve filled – 23 years I’ve done Botox® and fillers – and people come every year to refill their face.

H: Mhm.

M: And it’s very expensive, it’s somewhat uncomfortable. Here are some people after doing Bellafill® on the screen. It–

H: It looks so discrete, doctor. They just look fresher.

M: That’s exactly the point. With the temporaries, you get bigger, you get smaller, you create a space, you create wrinkles. With a permanent filler, when you’re the right age and the right stage, you can put that in and it remains there for five plus years. It’s FDA-approved for five years, but we have pathology slides where we did biopsies of the areas and it’s there for 10 years!

H: Wow! You’re kidding.

M: So, why pay every year, hurt every year, take the time away to be a little swollen, a little bruised, every year, when you can do it once every five – 10 years and look more natural?

H: And just forget about it for the next five years, and then – five, 10 years.

M: Have fun!

H: That’s amazing! And have fun.

M: Have fun.

H: So, what would you say is the ideal age range for someone to start considering a procedure like this?

M: Well, the temporaries people are doing in their 20s and 30s. I think your face is still changing quite a bit, so that’s not a good age. But, by the time you’re 45, you’ve done it maybe 10 years in a row, and 10 times $3,500 is $35,000.

H: Oh, it adds up. Absolutely.

M: Yeah, so you just go, um, “I think that’s time I do something a little bit more permanent.”

H: Yeah.

M: And, uh, it’s fun! I mean, it’s quick. It’s no downtime to speak of – maybe two to three days of a little swelling. And you have a, uh, chemical facelift.

H: Yeah, and you want to make sure, obviously, that you’re doing it with the right person. And I just want to brag about you, Dr. McRae, because Dr. McRae, she is the #1 injector of the five-year filler in Texas, and she’s #3 in the entire country. That’s amazing. How do you feel about that?

M: Well, you know I brought in artists to help me visualize the face – to map the face – to make it look it’s most natural and just replace what you’re missing. Not give you big, old bucky cheeks that are unnatural, but replace what you’re missing. And then, I’ve gone to the best trainers, I’ve brought in the best artists, so that, that has made it worth-while to my patients.

H: Yeah.

M: That’s what really matters to me – is the outcomes of my patients. And that’s the pictures you’re seeing today. These are some of the ones that are willing to let me use their pictures. Thank you, guys!


M: I appreciate you so much for doing that.

H: Yes, because you’re really inspiring other people to maybe take that plunge. But, you know what? If you’re maybe not ready for the five-year commitment, you can always get Botox®. And you have an amazing special for our Botox® newbies, Dr. McRae.

M: Exactly. Because the new thinking in this world of, you know, beauty, is that we want to pre-juvenate. So, we’re looking at the younger people who are taking this step with Botox® and fillers, and we want to make sure they’re in good hands.

H: What age range is the younger people?

M: Oh, the 20s now.

H: The 20s.

M: And, so we have a special. We want to make Botox® more available with good injectors, so we have it for as low as $10 per unit for first-timers. You can call for details. And that’s for our Kens viewers. Plus, we have a secret special on the Bellafill®, the permanent filler, that’s just been reinstated this week.

[Host gasps]

M: If you buy five syringes, you can get the sixth one free.

H: There you have it. So, make sure you visit Dr. McRae. She is over at 117 S. Saunders in Beorne. Call 830-331-9600 or visit her at Thank you so much for being with us, doctor.

M: Thank you, Christina.

H: And we’ll let you go so you can tell other people’s –

M: Ooooh!


H: Fortunes!